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2011 | WOWSERS.

2011 was a year to remember to say the least.  My favorite fortune cookie saying this year is so fitting…work is the true elixir of life…the busiest man is the happiest man.  That would be my year summed up pretty much perfectly. Mrs. Photographer-wise, 2011 was my second year in business.  In February I made […]

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Wide awake, I can make my most fantastic dreams come true

Last February I attended an intensive that changed my life for the better.  I will write more on this later because there are so many aspects to the decisions I made, but the is one thing I know for sure.  If I wouldn’t have attended the Making Things Happen tour I would likely not be sitting at my […]

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mrs. photographer at northern pacific center

Since April, every spare moment I’ve had has been spent working on Mrs. Photographer’s new home…my studio space in the clocktower at northern pacific center.  After my first visit to the property, I was in photographic awe.  I waited [quite] impatiently to hear back from the owner and property manager on the details of the space […]

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